T.A.C.K.L.E.  seeks to change the way children are motivated and to promote their success through education. We have discovered that these tasks could mostly be accomplished by combating those factors that affect children and serve as deterrents to their education. Factors like violence, socio-economic status, community and home life rip the fabric of human dignity and jeopardize the future success of our children. For today’s youth, it is especially difficult to deal with such factors while obtaining an education. T.A.C.K.L.E. will encourage new efforts by reinforcing the foundation of our youth’s educational circumstances. This organization will empower youth by strengthening their capacity to participate successfully and positively in every aspect of life.

The programmatic focus of T.A.C.K.L.E.  is to inspire leadership by educational performance and to provide the essential and practical tools needed to complete a healthy transformation from childhood into a productive adulthood.


Although a different emphasis and approach may be used from year to year in order to accomplish the T.A.C.K.L.E. Foundation’s goal of changing the way children are motivated and promoting their success through education, the continued objectives are the following:

Children are the True North on the Compass of the Future!


  • Since its inception, the T.A.C.K.L.E. Foundation has been active in pursuing its objective. Thus far, the foundation has accomplished the following:
  • Sponsored several children to attend each Arizona Cardinals home football game as an incentive to remain focused in school
  • Purchased a desktop computer for an organization dedicated to working with at-risk young men
  • Established a full book scholarship for college bound high school graduates
  • Provided monetary contributions to numerous foundations and organizations who requested assistance
  • Held a free football camp for boys & girls teaching the fundamental of football and focusing on the principles of hard work and discipline
  • Sponsored a Family Skate Night that gave families opportunities to come meet and skate with several NFL (National Football League) players. These guys all reinforced the importance of education to all children in attendance
  • Adopted a local elementary school who students are all underprivileged. T.A.C.K.L.E. provided school supplies for both the students and the classroom
  • Spoke at several schools to children about excelling in school
  • ABC Hollister Foundation
  • Friendly House
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Vested Interested
  • LACE, Inc.
  • 100 Black Men, Inc.
  • Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
  • Rising Star United Christian Church
  • Stevenson Elementary School
  • TG Barr Elementary School
  • Keystone Montessori Charter School
  • Monte Vista Elementary School