Our Story

The Dream

The Lassiter family has always been committed to serving the communities. In May 1999, NFL Safety for the Arizona Cardinals, Kwamie Lassiter and his wife Ericka, created the Lassiter T.A.C.K.L.E Foundation, Teaching All Children to Kickoff Leadership through Education, to help children with the challenges they face in school. T.A.C.K.L.E. focused on providing available educational resources and addressing critical issues that may have affected learning for underserved students. 

In 2014, T.A.C.K.L.E. was established as a nonprofit organization and the name changed to The Kwamie Lassiter Foundation to broaden our impact in the community and to include specific health issues, as well as, factors in education.  The mission of The Kwamie Lassiter Foundation is to be committed to providing opportunities that promote comprehensive awareness of Sickle Cell Anemia Disease while also continuing to target the way children are motivated to inspire leadership through education.

Sickle Cell Anemia
Sickle Cell Anemia is an inherited disease causing the body to make sickle-shaped red blood cells. The amount of the protein hemoglobin produced is also limited, reducing the flow of oxygen throughout the body.
Normal red blood cells are round and flexible and they move easily through blood vessels in the body. Sickle cells contain abnormal hemoglobin and develop into a sickle, or crescent shape. These cells stick to one another and block blood flow to limbs and organs, causing pain and other serious conditions, such as infection, swelling of the hands and feet, blindness, and strokes.